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All About Ben

So you wanna know something about me, eh? All right. Let's see what I can come up with.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] I grew up in Berkeley, California, spending summers with family in New England. I like computers, technology, gadgets, but shy away from video games. I hate television (with exceptions). I also adore spending time outside on various adventures. I don't discriminate very much in the type of adventure; I like the sea and the land equally. Check out my photo gallery and the news sections of this website for updates on different adventures.

That time in between college and the rest of life is a strange time. For many, it is indefinate. For me, I don't know how long it's going to last, but I definately havn't yet started the rest of my life. I think I like it that way. You can see from my resume that I have wandered around in a couple of different jobs, but I have yet to figure out a good balance between technology and the rest of reality.

Aside from the details of the daily grind, my real goal in life at the moment is to discover the right balance of tech and the outside world. I love both, but living in one to the extreme has made the other suffer. I have gone back and forth a few times, each time trying to discover something more I can use to settle on a balance between the two. We'll see how it turns out.

On the computer side of things, I am a big fan of Linux, and *nix in general. I'm actually using a Mac iBook at the moment, but only conceded to switch back to Apple from a long run of linux boxen because they have a unix back end. I write little scripts for my website (try reloading this page), and to help me keep my computer organized, and I release them all under the GPL. I always get a kick out of neat gadgets, and think wearables are awesome.

On the outdoor side of things, I am an avid skier (downhill and telemark), SCUBA diver, hiker, etc. I love to sail, walk in the woods, climb a peak, camp, hike, or just wander through a garden. Most of my photos come from this side of my life (as pictures of my iBook aren't so interesting). I have also joined the world of motorcycles and ride a sexy yellow sportbike.

I also enjoy travel tremendously, and to that end have spent the last year globetrotting. It all started when I joined the RV Heraclitus and went from Seattle to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ensenada (Mexico), and then across the Pacific to French Polynesia. My return to the US was short, followed by a trip to France. I'm settled back in the States for a while now, to my dismay.

I suppose this is the appropriate place to link to a small page that talks about this website (aka colophon).

Contact info should go here too, no? I can be emailed at If you want to phone me, you'll have to look a little harder to find my phone number (though with a little thought, you'll probably be able to guess the URL). Ok, I'll make it easy. You're on my website and you want to "phone" me, but of course, everything here is in HTML. I don't link to it because I don't want it googled.