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I'm always interested, when I see someone's website, how they made it. Well, here I give you the answer to that question, though I kinda doubt most people are really all that interested. Anyway. This website.

The design was originally sketched out on paper, and then made using photoshop. I asked photoshop to make the first run of CSS for placing the pictures (which I chopped up into little bits) to make the front page and the header for this page. I also used photoshop to make the nice faded image of an alpine meadow that is the background. The photo is from Desolation Wilderness in California, in between Ralston lake and the next one away from Rt. 50 (I've forgotten its name).

After photoshop created the basic layout, with its CSS, I edited it all in BareBones Software's BBEdit to clean it up and give it more meaninful names than Slice100 etc.

After cleaning up the CSS, I imported it into Macromedia Dreamweaver. I used dreamweaver to generate the javascript for the rollover glow for the buttons, as well as all the neat appearing / disappearing stuff on the front page.

Once all the fancy stuff was done (rollovers, picture placement, etc.) I went back to BBEdit to write the rest of the content. I continue to use BBEdit to make most of the updates to this site.

Finally, the gallery pages are created using a program called, edited first by Hoss and then by myself to do things a little differently than other implimentations of the same program. Notably, Hoss changed it to create thumbnails of a different size, and I changed it to add links to different size images (800x600, 1024x768, and original) if they exist, as well as linking to the exif info created by the camera (again, only if it exists).

The font used on the front page and in the header is Papyrus, and the color is #009900.

Here is the CSS file used for most of the site layout. There are little things added to individual areas of the site (for example, the random page), but I'll let you find those on your own.

I think that's just about it for the site. If there are things I have left out, please feel free to email me to ask.