Ben Hartshorne
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Meet George!

I first learned to ride on George. After taking the California Motorcycle Safety Training Course, I bought him from a guy in San Francisco that was leaving the Bay Area. George is a Kawasaki KZ440-LTD, belt driven. He was a stellar bike on which to learn to ride, but he didn't live very long. After owning him for only 6 months, I came across a problem somewhere in the alternator or regulator / rectifier that I couldn't solve. His battery stopped charging, and he would die in the middle of riding, inexplicably. This is not a good thing to have happen when you are making a left turn across two lanes of traffic.

George is now living with my friend Dave in Suisun who is taking a course on repairing motorcycles. He has been completely dismantled and is getting a complete overhaul. George will live again!

In the mean time though, after George died and I felt I had learned how to ride well enough for a step up, I bought Lexi.