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Welcome to the home page of aargh!

Best Of Linux Award

Back when this was first released, it won Dave Central's "BEST OF LINUX" award on January 6th! That kicks ass! Thanks, Dave!

I've heard a bunch of great responces and ideas for how to use this program, ranging from setting up a date to telling your boss off. It's an instant reply, personalized to the recipient. I didn't think it was that cool, but enough people have sent me favorable responces that I'll boast a bit. You can download the source as a .tar.gz file here.(remember, this is a perl program, so the source and the binary are synonomous.) I also recently posted benback, a program to change your screen's background every few minutes. Go get a copy! It's free (as in speech and beer)!

Aargh will help you set up procmail to automatically respond to e-mail coming from a particular person. For example, you can tell it to respond to all messages from vineetk@adphi.loyalty.org with "you have cute legs" and all messages from ben@adphi.loyalty.org with "stop stalking me!" (thanks to Sachin for the example).

Version 1.1 has been released! There's not too much new stuff in this release. Only three changes really, two to add robustness and one to add searchability (an lsm entry).

You can view the changelog, the readme , and the license. I suppose you can have a noncompressed version of the program too if you really want it. But please do keep the license and the readme and stuff with it. Thanks

I'll post more updates and bugfixes if anyone sends them to me.

I'm so impressed!

Tons of people have hit my page since I posted it! I feel so loved! A few of them have even sent me e-mail! (There's some snow in Germany... ;) But if you stop by, please drop me a line telling me so! (click on the link to my name down below, it's a mailto.)


If you're interested, my real homepage is here. I warn you though, it hasn't been updated in a while... Many thanks to my roomate Vineet, for helping me admin this machine!

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